Farewell to Enchantment

I am laying by the pool of our swanky Cambodian resort in Siem Reap, and the utter sadness I felt at leaving Luang Prabang has been ameliorated by a free airport pick-up and cold scented towels at arrival. I don’t know how Paddy did it, but he managed to find some amazing deal online - our free massage will be later this evening or tomorrow!

That being said, Lao and Luang Prabang will forever hold a special place in my heart! The people were incredible, kind, and friendly; the food was amazing and varied; and I couldn’t get enough of the sweet town and it’s sights. Definitely a place I would like to return for an extended period of time. Not to mention - we rode elephants!!!! I felt like a 5 year old going to the coolest zoo ever. We rode Mae Wah (Mother Hangover) and Mae Kham (Ghost Lady), and got to feed Maxi the baby elephant. Dreams really do come true…I think I missed my calling as a wildlife biologist.